Book "Rest is the new sport"

How to optimize your performance through recovery training? Health programs and training books push thousands of people to exercise more, eat healthier food, etc. The problem is they are aimed to treat a non fatigued universal body. It's the wrong direction.

This book teaches you to respect your body's unique needs while dealing with stress, a busy life or following an exercise program. Understanding how to train, eat or sleep isn't blindly following standard advice. It is to become aware of what makes you tired and how to deal with it.

You can achieve a rested body by aligning your life with your individual needs at each particular moment.This way exercise, relaxation, sleep and proper nutrition finally do what they're meant to do: give you enough energy to live your life in full capacity and thrive!

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What our readers say

"In a world where being physically active, looking attractive and eating organic have become social musts, most forget about the importance of rest and its key role in keeping us young and fit. Jef Geys masterfully describes how fatigue can affect you, how you can recognize your weakspots and how to thrive."

- Josefina M. Lacroze (USA)

"In a very easy language for regular people like me with no deep medical knowledge, I have found this book to be inspiring in living in a healthy way as measuring my HRV measurement which I didn't know of as an indicator of stress before this book. Brilliant, thank you Mr. Geys."

- Leah Rhys (USA)

"For less than 200 pages, this book imparts massive amounts of information. It is a bit overwhelming. Mr. Geys tries to combat this overload with a recap at the end of the each. However, I would definitely suggest approaching this book with a highlighter pen and a set of tabs."

- Susan (FR)

Book Well-being as a driver for Employee Engagement

This book written by Inge Van Belle from Herculean Alliance and Klaus Lommatzsch from Duval Union challenges leaders to take their engagement game to the next level using best practices from marketing.

The book establishes the link between corporate well-being and employee engagement and zooms in on other parameters that have an impact on both, like leadership, the work environment, purpose and organisational culture.

The book contains interviews with many experts in the different domains and is illustrated with relevant case studies. In addition, the book has a practical guide with tips and tricks, as well as a question master help the readers to get started in their own organisation .