Your trusted advisor in well-being

We help you define, execute and measure your corporate well-being transformation through well-being tests, experts, reports, programs, challenges, gamification, content, technology and workshops to reach top performance.


Co-define your well-being strategy


Execute and co-create engagement


Measure the impact and adjust

Well-being is craftmanship.

The success of your well-being program is strongly intertwined with your corporate culture. A "one size fits all" approach doesn't work, as many other parameters are influencing the engagement of the employees. Within our Herculean community, we have access to many different skills creating a bespoke approach that fits your needs, ensuring a maximum of engagement.

Our well-being approach is holistic and includes:






Defining, executing and measuring your corporate well-being strategy is craftsmanship.

  • Physical training: Readiness, adaptation capacity, reduce biological cost, training.
  • Mental & Emotional Fitness: Balance of neurostransmitters, behavioural change, speed of decision taking, Brain Gut axis relation, regulating impact of emotions with amygdala training.
  • Spiritual Fitness: Higher purpose & giving back, measuring parietal lobe activity.
  • Nutrition & Supplementation: Food for thought. Food for recovery. Food for the soul. Intolerances. Anti-aging.


Well-being Experts

Top performance coaches, mental experts, personal trainers, nutrition experts, sleep coaches, mental resilience coaches, positive psychology experts, experts in nudging,... you name it and we have them in our global ecosystem. We help you find the right team to help you achieve your well-being goals. They take you on a journey towards more resilience, balance, and health.

Well-being Challenges

Keeping people motivated during the journey and engaged towards the employer is the biggest challenge. With 20 years of international experience in employee engagement, we can help you with all sorts of challenges and games to keep the engagement high. We can organise your next teambuilding, family day or company event, integrated with your well-being strategy.

Well-being Content

Our experts regularly share content about their expertise on our platform. But we also help activate your employees to create their own content about their personal journey as ambassadors for the well-being programme. We stimulate sharing and learning from each other experiences, because it motivates people to keep going.

Well-being Platform

No more tedious administration when you decide to launch your well-being program. On our platform, we support surveys, challenges, teams, events, content, shop and so much more. We integrate with more than 10 wearable devices and integrate with several HR solutions and other platforms.

Well-being tests

The most complete test in the field of preventive health for high performers at the moment. We check physiological and biochemical profiles to calculate an individual score of the biological cost.

  • Test stress & fatigue whole body (60’) Inflammation, immunity, glucose metabolism (insulin) and pH
  • Test energetic systems & metabolic adaptive capacity brain and body (60’)
  • Test fitness level vo2max: aerobic and anaerobic capacity & training zones (60’)

1 year individual program

In 365 days, we transform not only your physical capacity and your health, but we also reprogram your brain using CBT. On a daily basis we receive physiological data and after 4 months of collecting data you receive twice a month an overview with bespoke advice.

We work on your body, mind, emotions, metabolism and hormonal balance. We coach you to manage stress effectively. Because our image affects our confidence, we can include image consulting in this package.

6 months program

In 180 days, we’re able to change your lifestyle to optimize your health. The main focus is on recover. To give the body enough energy to function well. For business people, the aim is not to feel tired after a working day. How to recover fast and well? We all wonder the same such as: did I sleep enough? what should I eat? which training should I do or when? We will help you with every decision you need to take about your recovery process. This plan is focused on the whole body. Body, mind, hormones and metabolism.

3 months program

For those who want to reach 1 specific goal related to their body such as: Physical training (resilience), weight loss, health recovery, optimal sleep, reset circadian rhythm plan, boost your energy.

In 12 weeks we guide your whole body in the direction of your goal. We give you weekly advice, it’s all about timing, the right move in the right moment.


Based on our experience with corporate clients, we have developed several surveys related to your employees' wellness. The surveys allow to detect potential risks to employee morale, physical, mental, social and nutritional balance.

We also have in-house developed 20 questions survey to assess personal fatigue status and uncover what system of the body is feeling weaker, ranging from various metabolic, hormonal or mental parameters.


Health education and awareness programs to effect positive change in corporate health, increase productivity, decrease absenteeism and cut health related costs.

Based on their results (survey and/or testing) we offer different workshops to give them the insights and tools to experiment and create an awareness around self-care.